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Notice: Avoid collateral Damage by waiting to get help. Compliance with the claim filing

requirements is not on your side in a loss under the policy. Don't prejudice your claim rights,

ACT NOW !        

                        Our Fair Claim Guarantee-No Recovery = No Fee

Our Fees:
Denial of Coverage

New Loss: 10% of the gross recovery on losses over $20,000+ (No recovery = No cost to you). No up front fees.

                  We recover our fee when you get paid.

Older Loss: Fee may be higher (20% as allowed by Statue) based on age of claim, (date of loss) substantial prior advanced payments

or extraordinary coverage issues and loss damages under $20,000. 

Appraisal under Policy: Flat Fee (No coverage issues)

Residential           $2000. avg

Commercial          $3000. avg

Umpire Appraisal  $2000.avg

Invoking Appraisal Clause Under the Policy:

You have a contractual right under your policy to demand appraisal (arbitration) whenever you dispute the insurer appraisal and offer of settlement for damages covered under the policy. It is conditional under the contract with specific terms to be followed. Compliance is mandatory where experience is paramount to an impartial and fair outcome. Don't prejudice your claim by delaying the process.     
Disclaimer Notice: The outcome of any claim appraisal or coverage dispute can never be guaranteed

by anyone. Fees may be higher subject to size of loss, loss location, and number of buildings at risk. 

Our vast decades of experience inside the industry considers all facets of the claim process from unlawful claims behavior, matching issues, cosmetic damage denials, to overhead & profit. Code issues for roof metrics, repairs vs replacement and ice shield are paramount to getting a fair recovery. Likewise tiles debonding and roof felt compliance are just a few issues almost always overlooked out of inexperience, incompetence and indifference.


                      " Time is always of the essence" in every claim. Call us first