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FREE Claim Review of your loss. No recovery = No Fee cost to you.

Our Fees: Our fee is based on a contingency (usually 10%) of the gross replacement recovery with your insurance company.  No recovery = No cost to you!  We assume all the risk at our expense. All expenses to adjust the loss are included in our fee. There are no hidden out of pocket expenses to you.  We obtain 40-60-80%  and more on almost every claim and much more in excess of the insurer offer, its like getting our claim service for free. We always recover far more than our fee or its free to you. State Insurance audits statistics have proven a Claim Advocate may obtain a substantially higher settlement than allowing the insurer to set your values. We consistently find coverage where others (agents, adjusters, attorneys) have failed, there is no cost to you unless we win.   

(Fee is subject to INCREASE  due to the age of loss (6-12 months) ,reopen closed claims, denied coverage, substantial advanced payments made, type of loss, complexity of underwriting coverage issues, and loss size. On larger losses our fee is progressive, reduced to as low as 5%. Smaller losses under $20,000 our fees are progressively more, but capped at 20%.  

APPRAISAL UNDER THE POLICY FEES:  Single Residential / Commercial up to 3000 sf =$1450
                                                                      Single Residential/Commercial over 3000-4500 sf =  $2000
                                                                      All risks over 4500 sf = $2500
                                                                     Multiple buildings at $79.00 hour

                                                                     Umpire Fee $90.00 hour 

Disclaimer Notice:The outcome of any claim can never be guaranteed by anyone. Fees may be higher subject to age of claim, size of loss, coverage denial and prior substantial advance payments.

Self adjusting your own claim may result in irreversible collateral damage on your part to your insurer advantage. "What you say" to the adjuster can and will be used against your claim." Time is always of the essence" in every claim. Call us first........