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                     Homeowners-Condominiums-Churches- Restuarants                                           Municipalities- Farmowners-Mercantile-Schools 

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                   Claim Appraisal Demand?

                                Underpaid Damages?

​                                  Coverage Denial?


               Damage Appraisal Service 

Dont Need a Public Adjuster?  Not all claims need a PA, but may be resolved at Appraisal (similar to a 3 panel arbitration forum)

Frustrated over Property Damages? Dont Litigate-Invoke "Appraisal Clause Under the Policy" and get what is owed! 




​            Property Loss Appraisals/Umpire

                Alternative Dispute Adjusters
                 Coverage Analysis Expertise

Working With Policyholders nationwide for 50 yrs. in defining wrongful denied coverage terms under the policy and under paid damages thru poor investigations and bad management. We consistently find coverage where others have failed. 

Do you need a Public Adjuster?  Not always. Not all claims are covered, not all adjusters are bad, inexperience or indifferent. But 20% of all claims are wrongly denied in whole or part. We can give you a free 2nd opinion of your claim value and if they offered a fair deal or not.    

There are hundreds of nuances and hidden entitlements always overlooked by adjusters in their favor on every claim. 


                             Seek Professional Help FIRST!


          No recovery = No cost to you!
         Free review of your claim options!

    Litigation may not be your best outcome 





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