Call Us First, dont delay causing collateral damage to your claim. What you say can and will be used agqaisnt your claim. 

​         Finding Favorable Appraisal Solutions 

Navigating the claim maTRIX 

   We represent both Insurers and Policyholders alike in the Appraisal Process



RL STINCHCOMB- Public Adjuster
          Claim Advocate for the Insured               


Not all claims need an Public Adjuster. Not all claims are covered. But 20% of all denied claims are wrongly denied. We find coverage where others have failed. 

We are coverage experts in defining coverage thru Underwriting, Loss Control and Rating of your policy. Many errors are fou8nd where your risk has been improperly written leaving you without adequate coverage on your loss. 

The agent tells you everything is covered, then the aduster attempts to tell you nothing is covered. Sound familiar?

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