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The first mistake most policyholder's make in a claim is assuming the insurance adjuster is going to adjust your claim to your benefit. The adjusters work for the insurance company and will almost always protect their interest in paying as little as possible while looking for ways to deny or minimize your claim. What you say can and will be used against your claim resulting many times in a wrongful denial of coverage.  Without coverage being confirmed first, there can be no liability under your policy. Always consider such underwriting critical elements and rules to trigger coverage ie;ensuing loss clause, concurrent causation, appraisal under policy, anti-concurrent causation, suit statues vs.claim filing,proof of loss time limits, physical damage vs cosmetic loss and coinsurance... Do you understand all the terms, conditions and hundreds of nuances required of you under your policy in filing your claim?


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Policy Terms and Conditions

Understanding the contract is paramount to your recovery on any claim. The insurer does not owe you a duty to file your claim for you, that's your job. They determine the loss and confirm coverage to their benefit.  An incorrect cause and origin can preclude your recovery. A flawed adjustment will adversely affect your claim. Thousands of denied claims are due to incorrect facts and interpretations under the policy according to the Insurance Dept own study where 10% of all denied claims were wrongly denied by a flawed investigation by the company adjusters.

Understanding the hundreds of nuances under your policy is critical in the adjustment process affecting your claim contractually and in compliance with State Insurance Regulations, Codes and Rulings ie; subrogation, appraisal under the policy, coinsurance,suit time limits, apportionment, mortgage rights, RCV-ACV, ensuing loss, betterment, proof of loss, statement of loss, exam under oath, supplementary coverage, ALE, exclusions, extensions of coverage, debris removal etc. We have decades of experience in claim resolution and policy underwriting problem solving...call us!

Indiana Dept Insurance
Don't allow bogus CAT adjusters to survey your property who have no "pre-printed business cards" identifying their name, address,phone number and adjuster license number. Report such CAT adjusters to the IDOI as possible illegal adjusters operating in non compliance with State Statue. Who are these tress-passers hired by your insurer for your claim service? are they qualified? are they bonded? are they properly licensed? Call us if you are in doubt!

Talk Radio and Media Events

We have been a guest speaker at many insurance companies and at the Professional Insurance Agents of America (PIA) holding hundreds of training seminars on the subject of property claims adjusting and risk control in the residential and commercial marketplace. Our service is always available to you for special speaking events to educate and inform the public how to "Navigate the Claim Maze." 

Indiana 1 Year Statue Limitation:

The Indiana Supreme Court 2013 has ruled the 1 year statue of limitation unenforceable under the insurance policy. Many insurers have used this deceptive scheme to wrongfully deny claims if the loss is not reported within one year. If you have been denied your claim due to a late reporting please call us, we may be able to recover your loss.

​Contractors acting as your Claim Consultant/adjuster:

 Indiana Statute Title 24, Article 25, Chapter 11, Section 10.5(d)  2012. " Blanket " prohibition of any contractor or other tradesmen to solicit, file, negotiate, settle a claim in acting as a Public Adjuster is illegal.

Illegal Contractor Offerings:

In 2012 Indiana State Statue has made it illegal for contractors (storm chasers) to "present, file, negotiate, adjust, advertise claim offers to act as your claim adjuster with your insurance company". They cannot operate or employ a claim specialist in a dual role working for a contractor and as a public adjuster in Indiana invalidating their contract with you to do so. They cannot offer to waive the deductible amount for you, making you complicit in an illegal felony action and subject to criminal fines. Report any such offerings by contractors to us or the Indiana State Attorney General office.

Contractor Direct Repair Scheme:

Always hire a non-insurance contractor who does not work with the insurance carrier. The approved (pet) contractor program is designed to control the bidding process. The carrier controls the contractor pricing and scope and therefore controls the outcome of the claim costs. They use deceptive claim practices to low ball the bids forcing you to use their pet contractor by leaving well known open items off the bid as hidden damages. Thus, preventing you from getting a complete bid until after you agree to use them. The process used by your insurer keeps you at a disadvantage in the claim  outcome. You know who these A-B-C contractors are when suggested by your adjuster or agent to send them out to help. They work in collaboration for the insurer benefit, and not for your best interest. There is no such thing as a free bid!                                      Call me for the rest of the story.......what they dont want you to know!