Coverage Denied?           

                  Bldg Damage Appraisal?

                  Contents Appraisal?

                  ALE Relocation Period? 
                  Delayed Claim Handling?

There are hundreds of nuances  and hidden entitlements in every claim. Seek professional help FIRST!

We determine:

            Proximate Cause of Loss

            Define Applicable Coverage

            File claim in compliance with policy terms

            Scope loss and Appraise  damages

            Prepare proper  Proof of Loss filing
            Negotiate settlement

            Defend any underwriting denials

            Educate on proper interpretation of terms

Our fee is 10% on new claims, but our recovery is 40-80-100% more, so its like getting our service FREE. If we make no recovery, there is never a cost to you. A Win-Win for you !  Don't believe it when an adjuster or agent tells you our fee will leave you cash short to make repairs, its a lie. We put the money in your hands, not industry pet contractors working for their own interest.

Helping Policyholders Maximize Recovery

Navigating the claim maTRIX 

   We represent you, not the Insurance Company


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The insurance policy can be a daunting task to review when filing a claim, but your not alone. Hiring the right experience does make a difference in maximizing a successful recovery. We have decades of experience in successfully adjusting complex claims. Our Proprietary Approach to a claim unravels the most complex loss. Public Adjusting in Ft Wayne

We are experienced advocates Public Adjusters in Indianapolis working day in and day out on helping people recover from underpaid or denied claims due to the insurance company inexperience or indifference. Find out how our services can help you recover what is owed under your policy at Indiana Claim Advocates​​ Public Adjusting in Indianapolis​​

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